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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon talk ‘Air’ and working together in their 50s

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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon truly love working together.

The Boston-born buddies, who have known each other for over forty years, have a new movie, “Air,” coming to theatres on April 5. It details the origin story of Michael Jordan’s partnership with Nike.

Part of the appeal of the project, they said, was the chance to work together again.

“That was one of the things that we kind of wanted to do,” Affleck told CBS News, “The idea of, like, why aren’t we hanging out and spending more time together, since we managed to stay friends this whole time?”

“Plus, we hit our 50s,” Damon added. “I mean, you can see the end of the tunnel!”

The two rose to fame together in “Good Will Hunting,” winning the Oscar for best original screenplay for the film in 1997.

The two friends recently launched a production company together, Artists Equity, and continue to enjoy their collaborating.

“It kinda felt like just us and getting to do the thing that we wanted to do,” Affleck said of making “Air.” “I loved it. I miss it every day since. It was the best, like, work experience of my life, without question.”

Affleck plays Nike founder Phil Knight in the film and also directed the project.

“My favorite thing about Ben is, he put me in a fat suit when I finally get to work with him,” Damon joked.

Jordan himself wanted Viola Davis to play his mother, Affleck said.

“Which is kinda like choosing Michael Jordan for your basketball team,” added Damon.

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